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Conceptual Nudes – Projected Images

Conceptual Nudes – Projected Images

Irida - model's portfolio

Projection art photography has become increasingly more popular over the years as photographers and artists have discovered this fantastically adaptable resource to produce art and photography.

Mixing the human nudes with projected images (abstract or not) can dramatically change the mood and the effect of the photos.

Join us on this experimental shoot, where we will use the female nude body as a canvas for a wide range of projected pictures (including geometrical designs, patterns, mixes of colour, photos and symbols). The options are endless.

This will be a great opportunity to shoot an amazing series of conceptual photos, playing with composition, shapes, colours, light and shadows.

Don’t miss it: check your calendars and sign up soon!

• Model

The model for this shoot will be Irida – working up to art nude levels. Please check her portfolio pics in the gallery.

• Location

A professional photography studio near Stratford. Different backgrounds, light modifiers and props available.

The lights will be setup in advance, but you are free to experiment with them (and I’ll be there all the time for help).

Parking places are available nearby the studio.

• Format

For more shooting time and less waiting, this workshop is limited to a small group of photographers, each working 1-2-1 with the model, on rotation. Book your place for just £62.

• What to bring

No experience of the particular theme is required and we can accommodate all levels of ability. As usual, we will take care of everything and all you need is your camera (with a standard hot-shoe to accommodate the provided radio trigger for the lights).

We will have a tripod available in the studio, but you’re also welcome to bring yours if you want to enable a faster workflow.

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