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Studio Lighting – Portraits and Fashion Workshop

Studio Lighting – Portraits and Fashion Workshop

Kateryna - model's portfolio

Join us at the studio for a lighting workshop with an amazing Ukrainian model, Kateryna.

The intention of this workshop is to help you understand the essentials of studio lighting, and how to achieve your creative vision. After this workshop, I want you to feel comfortable next time you step into a studio, knowing you have a solid place to start from, and have the confidence to experiment further.

This workshop will give you the opportunity to learn about different lighting setups and to put them in practice by working with a beautiful professional model, using professional studio equipment and shooting a mix of portraits and fashion.


The model for this shoot will be Kateryna, working up to fashion levels. Just check her portfolio in the gallery attached!



A professional photography studio near Stratford. Different backgrounds, light modifiers and props available.

Parking places are available nearby the studio.


2h30′ shared by maximum 4 photographers, each working 1-2-1 with the model, on rotation

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What to bring

No experience of the particular theme is required and we can accommodate all levels of ability. As usual, we will take care of everything and all you need is your camera (with a standard hot-shoe).


Tuesday, 27.06.2023

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